Monday, June 7, 2010

Download available!

The technical difficulties go on! Why is it people form online companies that you can't reach when you have questions?! Everything is linked to an autoresponder, including a contact us button! It is very frustrating. I contacted 2 autoresponder companies last week trying to get a download button on my site. Do you think I could get this done? Noooo; one didn't contact me in order to complete the registration process and the other gave me my html code but it didn't work! Of course, when I tried to get a hold of them I couldn't find a 'body' to respond; I only received auto response emails seeing if everything was working!!! At least I didn't pay anything out of pocket. I finally uploaded my own link so now if you go to the left of my blog page, you will see the link that says Get Your Free Download Here! Click on the url below it and it will take you to my free eBook which you can read or download and print off. Thanks for your patience and yes, there will be more eBooks coming out at later dates, as well as children's books hitting the market starting this August! Thanks for visiting and see you tomorrow!

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