Friday, July 2, 2010

Lake Tahoe

Well, we're in the final preparations for our camping trip! Leaving in an hour or so. Six family members and three dogs--Woo Hoo! Here we come! I hope everybody has a wonderful and safe 4th of July! I will be taking my laptop so I can post each day as we will be gone for 10 days. Happy Weekend and I'll talk to all of you Monday!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Parenting Boys

My son is 10...he does it very well! I am learning that what "experts" say is true: parenting boys is different from parenting girls. I'm sure those of you in the same boat will agree. I raised a girl and she was tough in the beginning, softening in her late teens, and then settled into a wonderful young woman now raising her own child--a boy. My son has been the opposite; he was the sweetest child you could ever imagine. He had great manners, always happy, full of energy, and smart as a whip. He was always ready to please. Then he started school. I think someone took my child and exchanged him for someone else! He was still smart and full of energy, but all of a sudden, he began to be a little more independent than I was comfortable with. Let's just say he brought home more than homework! He began showing a stubborn streak and bit of a temper that reminded me all too much of his sister (and father!). He's still happy-go-lucky, most of the time; and still likes to help out and please others, if he's not busy doing other things! He has definitely come to the age when a boy changes from being a small child to becoming a young man. I'm not ready for this! I did some research and found out that boys can be more sensitive and attached to mom than girls, at least until they are teens. I also found out that boys require, and want, more discipline and affirmations that they are doing well. They need to know things are okay and they are loved. My son is definitely getting that-all of that! Maybe I'm not doing too bad after all. :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nothing like friends

Everyone needs good friends. They lift you up when clouds of doubt sweep by; remind you you're a winner when second thoughts creep inside your head; and allow you the chance to bring over the Pistachio Pudding they really love when they're sick in bed. The world would be a very lonely place without them, so share the love and be a friend to someone you know, or don't know! It doesn't cost anything but it's priceless to have.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pit Stop

I'm back home for a few days; have been down in San Diego County doing some work and visiting family. Arrived back home yesterday afternoon to find loads of work to catch up on. . .and a broken dishwasher! When the guys came to replace it today, they opened the box to find the machine was dented! I'm sure glad my son knows how to wash dishes! :) Luckily, they will be bringing a new one Thursday, right before I leave town on Friday! Friday afternoon, my son and I will be heading out of town to Lake Tahoe for a week and a half--a working vacation with family! My goal is to get at least 30 pages written for the book I'm currently writing. I'll be posting from there and will include pictures now and then as well. Until tomorrow, enjoy your summer and don't be shy! I enjoy reading people's comments to my posts and what is happening in your life.

My family

My family
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