Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ft. Tejon, California

WOW! I just had the most incredible experience...I returned yesterday from a two-day adventure with my son and about 35 other people. We literally stepped back into time as we visited a unique place called Fort Tejon. It is near the Grapevine off the freeway (Interstate 5) and about 45 minutes north of Santa Clarita, California. It is the only existing fort out of the 150 forts built in this state that still has some of the original buildings! Fort Tejon State Historical Park has many fantastic programs during the year such as Civil War re-enactments, Dragoon Battles, and it's unique Student Living History program, which I was honored to be a part of. The staff at the park are dressed in period (1850's) costumes and the children are given calvary jackets to wear. We then spent the next day and a half watching and participating in 'stations': drills, candlemaking, laundry (with washboards!), blacksmithing, carpentry, cooking (in/over the fireplace and fire pit!), adobe brick making, etc. The kids also played games, sang songs, and everyone participated in the evening patrol walk as well as the firing of the cannon. It was a magnificent experience that unfortunately may not last. With California's fiscal problems and budget cuts, Fort Tejon is at risk for being shut down unless we can do something about it. Write letters, donate, raise money.....anything! I personally am doing all the above. We cannot let this living historical experience disappear! It is not only a part of California history, but a part of American history as well! Do what you can to protect what is left. If for no other reason, do it for our kids and their kids and the soldiers who fought there to save and protect our country.

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