Thursday, June 10, 2010

The End of School

Glorious are the days when school ends and summer begins! It is like the end to a long and tedious job that one had to finish before retiring. Now, kids will fall into that week-long slump of laziness as they try to decompress before being able to enjoy the long, sunny days! I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time with my family: going camping, doing crafts, writing, exploring new places, going to the beach, and of course-football! My son is trying out for quarterback on his youth football team as they enter their summer mini-camp for two weeks. He'll find out next week! This is his 4th year in youth football and it is his passion. I look forward to it as well, as we near the beginning of the season. It will officially start in mid-July with a two-week conditioning camp (after our trip to Lake Tahoe!) and the official draft. Then it is 6 weeks of 6 consecutive days of practice, Monday-Saturdays, leading up to the regular season of games after Labor Day. The season ends in mid-November, unless the team goes to play-offs. It ends the first week or so of December with the Super Bowl. That's right, they have a championship Super Bowl, and if you are from Ohio or Texas, let me tell you--here in Santa Clarita, California we rival the two of you as far as youth football being a popular sport! So go Warrior Seminoles! Here's to a great summer and a great season!

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