Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Everyone's healthy, things are going pretty smoothly, life is good! I have a feeling of peace and contentment today, as if God is giving me a reminder of the blessings I have. As a writer, I get the advantage of making my own schedule (apart from certain commitments I make) which means today I am able to attend my son's end of the year party and have lunch with him, then back home to work for a few hours, then play for an hour or so with him after school before he goes to football practice, then I'm off with a friend to a wine and food event at All Corked Up. Should be a fun time. They are offering tastings of Australian wines tonight (I didn't know Australia had any particular wines!); go figure! After that, I should be able to get in an hour or so of reading before bed. Yes, I make time for reading as it gets my creative juices going. Of course, I usually end up reading books about writing, but what can I say? Hope everyone has a great sunny day!

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