Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Puppy Kisses

So I really tried to reschedule how I was going to combine working on writing, bible study, taking care of dogs and kids, and still be sane by this time tonight (8PM); didn't really happen. Besides being in the 90's again (OK, I know this is summer in Southern California!), a sprinkler head in the backyard decided to combine its power and shoot upward and out like a waterfall, then head down the hill and make a pool around the covered swing! It was a lovely idea-I like waterfalls-but the plants on the hill would have appreciated some water a little more. With all the distractions, I did manage to get some writing done and research for some articles, thanks to some puppy kisses reminding me I'm loved! I am freelancing for Bright Hub on their Family Channel--look for my articles, Youth Football: Seven Reasons Why You Should Let Your Child Play and Ten Great Gift Ideas For Kids. Let me know what you think. Thanks! Hope you enjoy them. I'll be writing for the Education Channel as well so look for those next week. Have a great day tomorrow and remember, each day is a new beginning to create something fresh and be a blessing to someone!

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