Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Changing our thinking leads to success

I've been studying the mind and how it works (with the help of some great mentors like Bob Proctor, Robert G. Allen, Jack Canfield, etc.), and it is amazing what I've learned! It has inspired my next eBook: Think Your Way To Success! Did you know that whatever we think is what we can be? I will be sharing more about that idea later. Just imagine what you could be! The book will be out in August so I will let all of you know the exact date as it gets closer. I will be doing some more radio interviews, newspaper interviews/reviews, as well as perhaps a TV spot or two! Also, some book events. It will be very exciting! Of course, next month I will start putting some excerpts from the book here for all of you to read. Hopefully it will entice you to buy it and read the whole book! It will definitely change your life for the positive. I will be offering some freebies, special offers, and an invitation to something very special, so keep coming back to visit. See you soon!

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