Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Myth#7: Children who become bullies are usually loners and don't have many friends.

On the contrary, children who bully others usually have a larger network of friends than the children they bully! More importantly, they tend to have a small group of friends that supports and encourages their bullying efforts. Kids that bully tend to show more leadership skills than their victims or even those kids who are not involved in bullying!
Tomorrow is the last day for the contest! Send your ideas of how you would prevent bullying to: and you may win one of 4 prizes! Also, parents and teachers, look for the free eBook coming out Friday as a download from my site: 12 Signs That Your Child May Be A Bully. For those of you in Santa Clarita, there will be a book launch event at Shave It Friday at 3:30 PM! Come and enjoy the beginning of summer!

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