Thursday, June 3, 2010

Myth #8: Children who are bullied need to learn how to deal with bullying on their own.

Certain kids have the motivation and skill set to handle a bully situation on their own, but some do not. And why would we want them to try to handle a situation they are incapable of handling?! Bullying is peer abuse and victimizes other children. Society doesn't expect victims of other forms of abuse to handle situations by themselves (child abuse, domestice abuse, etc.). It is unfair and unrealistic to expect our children to act like grown-ups when they're not. Many grown-ups do not even have the skills to handle these situations. Time to get closer to our children and start being involved in their lives! Communicate and listen to them. They don't expect too much from us--just that we care.
Today's the last day for the contest--entries have been rolling in and I can hardly wait to see who wins! Winners will be announced tomorrow on my site! Good luck everybody!
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