Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This Crazy World!

What a lot of excitement in the news today! First off, congratulations to John Travolta and his wife, Kelly on their announcement of the new baby on the way. Exciting! Also, as a dog owner for most of my life, I share their sorrow in the news that their dogs were killed while being walked at the airport. Our condolences to the Travolta family.
In other news, related to animals, the first sea turtle was rescued as a result of being harmed by the Gulf oil spill. I can't even begin to imagine the horrific effects this spill is going to have on the environment. The government needs to institute tighter controls and laws on these oil companies so that things like this won't happen. If stricter requirements are imposed on the freighters as far as maintainance and such, as well as better decision-making and responsibility on behalf of the crews, there would be less chance of accidents.
On the writing side of things, I have an eBook coming out in a couple of weeks that I will be offering as a FREE DOWNLOAD. It is entitled, 12 Signs That Your Child May Be A Bully. Many of you participated last week in the poll I had on my blog here about whether or not you had been bullied in school at one time. 69% responded yes! I will be posting some key points excerpted from my eBook off and on during the next few weeks, as well as starting a contest. It will be posted on Friday, May 21 and will run for the 2 weeks leading up to the eBook's release date. ENTER FRIDAY!

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