Friday, May 28, 2010

Myth #5: Bullying is more likely to happen on the school bus than at school.

On the contrary, while some bullying does take place on the bus, it more commonly takes place at school on the playground, in the bathrooms, in the cafeteria, in the hallways, and in the classrooms. For the most part, teachers and students are unaware that the occurrances going on are even considered bullying! My thought is, if it's not positive or beneficial in some way, don't do it or say it!

Wow! Only a week left for the contest and book launch day! Things are gearing up locally as I am working with a local ice cream store to do the book launch event there! I'll be doing signings and giveaways and enjoying some ice cream! Should be a fun day! I'll post pictures and notes next weekend! Sign your kids up for the contest to win some prizes! Email a drawing or letter about how you prevent bullying to: Good luck!

Here's another funny question from Rick Frishman's Author 101 Newsletter: Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called 'rush hour'?!! Enjoy the weekend and I'll see you Monday! Happy Memorial Day!

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