Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Myth #2: Most bullying takes a physical form.

Actually, the most common form of bullying, according to national studies, is verbal. Another common form that is seen a lot is social isolation, in which a child is forbidden to sit at certain tables, or play with certain kids, or even use the bathroom at certain times! The clock is ticking! Only 9 days left to ENTER THE CONTEST!!! Thursday, June 3rd the contest ends and I will pick one winner from each age group to receive a prize and be posted on my blog, as well as be announced at a special book launch I'm doing Friday, June 4th at Shave-It ice company in Santa Clarita, CA. That's right...my eBook, 12 Signs That Your Child May Be A Bully, will be out and available as a FREE eBook download on Friday, June 4th! GET YOURS THAT DAY and learn how to protect and help your children.

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