Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Well, June is almost gone as we head into the heat of the summer! We just wrapped up our homeschool year a few weeks ago and here I am already planning for the coming year! We enjoy it though: the unexpected discoveries, new adventures to different places, and the new challenges/blessings that come our way. This year, my son is in 7th grade and becomes a full-fledged teenager; my grandson is starting kindergarten; I have a book coming out in September; we're moving into a new house; and my daughter is getting married! No stress here! :) All these are just some of the great blessings, stressful as they may be, and we thank God for them all. As I look forward to the events coming up this year, I praise God for our family's healthy lives and ask Him to give us daily protection and wisdom. Pre-season football training started yesterday for my son's team, the Indians. It was nice to see the families again as we all begin the new season. I know my son was especially glad to start again as he was out almost the entire season last fall due to an ankle injury during a scrimmage! He will be starting quarterback again and is looking forward to a great year! Summer is in full bloom and I'm looking forward to the barbeques, pool parties, and trips to the mountains!

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