Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Revitalizing For The Home Stretch

The sound of my son mowing the lawn brings a smile to my lips; it is one of those annual activities that reminds us summer is coming. I am working on lesson plans and thinking, we only have two months left of homeschool! We have done so much and yet it feels like there is so much more to do. I think it is at this point that many of us start getting that burnout feeling that creeps in and begins making us feel overwhelmed, tired, and a little bit frantic, wondering if we will be able to complete everything we wanted to teach by June! Relax, the children are learning all the time, even when you're not teaching them. Everyday, the world opens up to them with an abundance of learning opportunities, and all we have to do is be watchful for those moments and engage our children in receiving them! Step outside and let the warm, gusty breeze bring a freshness to your mind as well as your home. It is time to restructure and re-create the learning experiences we want to give our children. Approach these last couple of months not as a time to try and cram in as much factual information as we can into their minds, but as a time to offer experiences from which they can glean precious gems of learning that will stick with them and benefit them for years to come. Read outside in the fresh air, let nature and the earth be your exploring ground for science, have engaging discussions about a variety of topics, and let your kids create-whether it is through art or building things or writing books. As spring slides into summer, know that your school time may end but your children will always be learning!

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