Friday, March 1, 2013

Entrepreneurship Webinar

What a great and fun webinar yesterday! Mark Victor Hansen was informative, humorous,and inspiring. There was so much information about starting your own business that I was spending almost the same amount of time taking notes as I was listening! Thanks again to Mark for including me as a sponsor and special blogger guest, and thanks to Jeff Rivera, a friend of mine and wonderful author in his own right! Mark did mention that if you want a free copy of his book (usually on sale on his website and, Richest Kids In America, just go to his website and leave your email address with a short message and he will make sure you receive a copy. The site to go to is: As Mark said, let's make this a viral mission to get this information to everyone we know and jumpstart our economy, not to mention help give parents a great tool to teach their kids! They are our next generation of CEOs!

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