Tuesday, October 30, 2012


As the year comes to an end, I like to reflect on how it has passed; did it flow the way I anticipated? Did I make positive connections with people and impact lives the way I hoped I would do? Am I where I was praying I would be career-wise or did my journey get stalled along the way? Perhaps my path was sidetracked and is taking me down a new direction? There have been ups and downs as usually expected with life, but everyone for the most part is healthy. We have been blessed in that area. Spiritually, I am closer to God and serving Him in many ways that I feel He has called me to: I am involved in the youth ministry at my church and in outreach, as well as a volunteer Christian life coach. My son's relationship with the Lord is strengthening as he becomes more involved with the youth program. He is currently a student leader and looking forward to becoming an intern next year. We are still homeschooling and he is becoming more accountable for his work as he moves into a more individualized schedule. We love doing projects and some things together, even though he does more on his own now. With my writing, I am finishing my book on Christian Leadership and mentoring youth. I hope to have that published by the end of the year. My article for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine was picked to be in their Best of the Best 2012 print edition coming out in November or December! I am also writing for Homeschool.com as a guest writer. That will be exciting! I'm looking forward to hearing from a lot of you about your homeschool stories and adventures so write in and let me hear-I'll be posting them on my site! All in all, I feel the year has progressed well, though I'm not totally where I had hoped to be, but God is in control and will bring about His plan when it is time. Meanwhile, I will be practicing patience, something I need practice at anyway! Blessings to all!

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