Friday, July 9, 2010

We Come To The End

As we come to the last couple of days, thoughts of departure creep in. We've enjoyed a couple of days of summer thunderstorms that brought about 30 minutes of booming thunder and 15 min. of light sprinkles off and on! It smelled wonderful as it mixed with the warm scent of mountain dirt and pine. The morning was spent at the beach by the lake enjoying the gorgeous mountain views and sparkling lake. Flocks of geese meandered up and down the shoreline hoping for handouts. My son and I ventured out into the water only to be turned back by the icy coldness! I don't know how those other people could stand to wade out and swim! Saw another male bear, this time about 10 feet from the road crossing through a clearing and into a neighborhood! He actually stopped and sat down so we could get pictures but it was getting dark so the pictures didn't come out very well. My sister is trying to edit them to make them lighter, so we'll see! I'll put them up on Monday. Until then, everyone have a safe weekend!

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