Monday, May 10, 2010

What's Up With Bullying?

As I promised, I am going to include some excerpts over the next couple of weeks about my eBook that is coming out. First, I want to see if this topic brings back any bad school memories. I'm going to include a poll on the site this week for people to answer. Think about when you were in school--elementary, middle school, or high school--were you ever bullied? Keep in mind that bullying includes not only physical aggressiveness, but verbal and social inclusion as well. For example: teasing children in a mean way, writing mean notes about someone, harassing someone, not letting someone play with you and your friends, not being allowed to sit at a particular lunch table, texting or IMing mean things about someone, etc. It goes on and on. I deal with it all in my book. Think back and try to remember if you were ever a victim of bullying and then answer the poll. Please feel free to comment about your responses or share stories that you remember. Thanks!

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