Friday, April 23, 2010

I was a teacher and single parent (as well as a writer) until last year when I didn't get re-hired. I consider myself still a teacher, though the government is not paying me anymore! I teach my children, my grandson, and others through interactions and through my writing. I have been devoting myself to being a successful writer, mom, and legacy-maker. I think that's a new position! A legacy-maker is one who cares about the type of person they are; what kind of role model they illustrate through their actions and words. It is also the intentional act of interacting with others and with the environment. I want to leave a very positive legacy behind, one that says, "Shelly was a very caring person. She did a lot for the environment, her family, and others." I know I can achieve this through my actions, my writings, and the values I raise my children and grandchild with. Life is always changing and unknowing. It can be a fun challenge and experience as well as sometimes being a tragic hardship. Through my faith, my family, and my writing, I will be able to overcome whatever obstacles come my way!

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My family
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